Affordable. Flexible. Ready for growth.

Itinio product map

Itinio applications are built on a standardized database construct and accessed via the web. This approach to design and delivery of reservation/registration software offers a number of valuable benefits:

  • Reduced Total System Cost
  • Application Flexibility
  • Highly Scalable

For sales organizations that require support for multiple locations or ever-changing product types and relationships, these inherent features generate infrastructure savings, implementation speed and foster creative marketing and sales strategies.

Reduced System Cost

Today, in 2016, fast Internet access continues to expand into remote locations thanks to Wireless providers, advancing ISP technologies and consumer demand. As higher-bandwith Internet connections become commonplace, web-based software applications like Itinio offer the ability to reduce overall system support costs by:

  • Minimal Hardware Investment - Itinio only requires a web browser application running on the most basic of computers.
  • Low Infrastructure Needs - minimum Internet access requirement of common DSL speeds or better.
  • Easily Customizable - the standardized database and application design lower the potential cost of customization and future support.

Flexibility + Expertise

By nature of its engineering, Itinio remains flexible — encouraging clients to enhance and modify modules to suit their specific needs. A prime example of partnership, Itinio engineers and support teams work with clients to explore ways to streamline operations, marketing and data flow through;

  • Customizable Application Modules - each Itinio application is as unique as the operation it supports. Modules, reports, data tables and content templates are all designed for specialized configuration to meet a clients' needs.
  • In-House Engineering & Design - an experienced and talented team of software/database engineers supports Itinio clients.
  • Process Integration Expertise - a great software strategy can be rendered ineffective if it can't be aligned with the reality of operational limitations and business processes. Our support teams keenly understand the importance of effective process engineering. We visit operations - directly training users and discussing solutions. Then encorporate that understanding into new features and tools — many times for the benefit of all Itinio clients.

Highly Scalable Platform

Reservation software optimized to serve a single web-based business, one brick-and-mortar location, or hundreds of centrally managed locations spread across the globe — all with the same platform, speed and efficiency.

Itinio provides a number of deployment options depending on the size, scope and management requirements of each client. From single-database, one-account configurations, to multi-database multi-account setups with centralized reporting and control; Itinio is designed grow and change along with each client's ever-changing needs.

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